6 Great Courses of Shiatsu

6 Great Courses of Shiatsu

When it comes to massages, Japan offers a pretty great list. For instance, Shiatsu focuses on bodywork and has been integrated with Japan’s traditional manual therapies of anma and acupuncture. Anma is unique too because the massage style is in Japanese with a tinge of western medical knowledge.

Now, opting to learn the courses Shiatsu is commendable for someone who pursues or is interested in a career in the massage therapy industry. Not everyone has the hands or skills to provide therapeutic touches to their patients. It utilises the thumb, hands, and other body parts when applying direct pressure to particular points or channels. If you’re ready to learn more, read the great shiatsu courses below.

Shiatsu Treatment

It’s the most basic course when you are starting to learn about Shiatsu. Here, you will find out the effectiveness of the shiatsu technique that’ll significantly affect an individual’s well-being and energy restoration.

The core discipline of the course is the art of finger pressure, or of applying pressure to the body. This will reinstate a person’s health and assist in avoiding possible illnesses. Moreover, you’ll also acquire knowledge on increasing your energy and vitality.

Oriental Medicine

You’ll study the basic philosophy of oriental medicine. It’ll be composed of the leading causes of diseases, specifically the unbalanced qi or one’s life force.

The shiatsu massage balances the body’s qi flow and affects the energetic meridians. Blockages or stagnations are often the heralds of numerous health problems, and here you’ll know how to unblock them.

Different forms of Shiatsu

Shiatsu massages come in diverse forms. You will be taught the basics, intermediate, and advanced conditions that will benefit your career.

Visual and Touch Diagnosis

As a shiatsu practitioner, you must gain a specific amount of information about the current state of your client’s qi. You can proffer the visual and touch diagnosis fittingly by assessing by listening, observing, palpating, and asking.

Activating the Qi Flow-through Special Techniques

One of the biggest struggles for clients is their lack of knowledge of utilising their qi to its fullest potential. Thus, with your assistance, they may unlock their qi flow through the special techniques. 

Medicinal Food and Macrobiotic Nutrition

Macrobiotic nutrition is a form of lifestyle that focuses on balance and harmony. You’ll obtain information on diet plans, behavioural changes, and gentle exercises geared towards achieving a natural and calmer way of life. 

Medicinal food is knowing which are the best functional foods that may become an efficient medicine and boost your health. Let food be thy medicine, so as they say.

These are only a few of the many great courses on Shiatsu. You’ll acquire career prospects as soon as you’ve completed the courses and gain your diploma. Find out more about shiatsu courses and if you live in Sydney, you can book a class here for free.

Clare Louise