How the Players get the Chances with the Poker Solutions

How the Players get the Chances with the Poker Solutions

Players must abide by generally accepted rules of conduct and decency. Also, players are required to comply with standard poker etiquette. The agen poker99 staff may, at their discretion, penalize players ranging from verbal warnings to disqualification from one or all of the Poker Live tournaments and cash games. Players have a responsibility to protect other players. Therefore, both during the distribution and the rest of the time, players should not:

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Disclose information about live and discarded hands.

Players who show their cards to a player who has already discarded their cards, after which they also fold, may be penalized. In such a situation, the dealers will keep these cards out of the clear and show them to all the players at the table after the deal is over. Players who do this consistently will be punished.


Poker is an individual game. Soft play, chip dumping, etc. are prohibited and may be punished.

Violation of etiquette

Systematic violations of etiquette can be punished at the discretion of the service personnel. Examples of such violations (an incomplete list) are touching the cards or chips of other players unnecessarily, dragging out the game, constantly trying to act before your move, scattering chips, deliberately betting outside the dealer’s reach, excessive talkativeness. Excessive theatricality, inappropriate behavior, as well as certain physical actions, gestures or body movements can also be considered a violation. In addition, punishment is provided for insulting other players by action or word, as well as for evaluating the play of other players.

Foul language.

Harassing other players, poker idn Live employees, establishment employees or other staff is not tolerated. Swearing, obscene or offensive language towards players or staff will be penalized. Repeated curses, obscenities, and insults can also lead to punishment.

During all tournaments and cash games, as well as in the tournament area in general, all participants must behave in a polite and civilized manner. Any player who witnesses misbehavior towards another player should immediately contact the game operator. This also applies, but is not limited to, where personal hygiene or health conditions could have a negative impact on other players at the table. It is the responsibility of the Game Operator to determine if one player’s personal hygiene or health conditions affect the play of other players, who may, in their sole discretion, sanction a player who refuses to take action that PokerStars Live considers sufficient to correct such influence on the game of other players.

General rules of the establishment

All players wishing to participate in cash games must be registered PokerStars Live players. Players can leave the game or return to it at any time in accordance with the rules of the game.

Chips of a player who is absent from the table for more than one hour or if his table is closed during absence will be removed from the game and sent by the service personnel for storage. In this case, the chips will be counted in the presence of two employees, about which a corresponding document will be drawn up.

Conditions for making decisions.

PokerStars Live management reserves the right to make decisions based on the interests of the game and to treat all players with integrity, even if the technical interpretation of the rules may mean a different decision.

All decisions made by service personnel are made in the interests of fair play and are final.

If during the game something contrary to the rules occurs, this must be immediately reported to the service personnel. All objections must be made before the deck is shuffled before the next deal.

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