Influence of Singapore Online casinos on a business        

Influence of Singapore Online casinos on a business         

 3 ways how Singapore online casinos affect businesses

Online casinos have become part of Singaporean culture. A UK based study concluded that in 2017, 52% of Singaporeans gambled in the previous 12 months. This is an increase from 44% in 2014. Online gambling is considered as the key reason behind this increase. On an unrelated note, businesses play a very important role in sustaining the economy of the country. It will be interesting to correlate Singapore online casinos with the business culture of the country.

Online gambling and risk appetite of businessmen

Businesses are inherently risky. Many of the decisions that a businessman has to take involve a significant share of risks. Online gambling enables him to take more risks in his business life. While gambling online he has to take many risks related to money. Taking these risks repeatedly elevates his risk appetite and enables him to take more risky decisions in his business.

 Online gambling and social interactions   

Gambling in its initial stages promoted a lot of social interactions. People gathered together in a casino, had direct conversations, and played together. When it shifted online, this aspect of gambling was completely lost. People can spend as many hours as they wish to on a device gambling without interacting with anybody. This doesn’t help a businessman who spends considerable time in a cubicle doing his work.

Gambling during work hours   

Business is mostly not a one-man show. It includes not just the owner but multiple people who work for him. Online gambling can impact these workers in multiple ways.

Online gambling just requires the player to have a device to access the website and some money in the account. It is very easy for him to gamble online without anybody around realizing it. Many companies have complained that their employees are gambling in an online casino during work hours. This causes distraction and steals precious time and energy. This reduces the productivity of the individual and badly affects the company’s performance.


Singapore Online Casinos and other businesses


Many people tend to gamble online when they have extra time and money. Earlier when there were no online casinos, people had to go to a land-based casino to gamble. This prevented many people from engaging in gambling. Some of them didn’t like being around strangers while some others didn’t want others to know that they gamble. They used their free hours to go to a theatre, eat from a restaurant or go shopping.

However, with the development of online casinos, this is no longer the case. During their free hours’ people can easily gamble online. The number of times they visited a restaurant or theatre considerably decreased. This badly affected those local businesses.


We can make the following conclusions from correlating online gambling with businesses. Online casinos have increased the risk appetite of individuals helping them to take more risks in their business life. However, generally speaking, the development of online casinos in the country has impacted businesses negatively. If you win the jackpot, Click here to know more  then you are settled for life.



Betty Babineau