Top 5 golf mats to enhance your home practice sessions

Top 5 golf mats to enhance your home practice sessions

The best way to improve your golf game is through regular practice. But getting to the driving range or a golf course every time you want to work on your swing is a challenge. Golf mats provide a convenient solution for home practice when you make it on an actual course.  With so many options on the market, it is tricky to find the right pick for your needs and budget.

  1. FORB Driving Range Mat

When it comes to versatility for home use, the FORB Driving Range Mat leads the pack. It features a dual-layer, turf-over-foam construction to provide a lush-hitting surface with some give. The sturdy, slip-resistant polypropylene withstands years of heavy use from irons, woods, and hybrids. Measuring 16 x 24 inches, the FORB offers ample room to practice full swings. Integrated tee holders keep your ball locked in place. Three slope settings allow you to replicate different lies, while rubber feet prevent sliding on hard surfaces.

  1. Victor golf hitting strip

The “official turf of professional golf,” Victor has been making golf mats  found on PGA tour practice ranges for over 50 years. The Victor Golf Hitting Strip brings that same level of quality to home golfers. It features durable, woven polypropylene that produces a realistic response across a wide strike zone. While providing a nice thud, the soft turf is incredibly resistant to daily abuse from wedges, long irons, and woods. Foam cushioning underneath protects both floors and body joints. Weighing 30 pounds, rubber grips keep the strip firmly in place both indoors and out. The included hitting strip measures 16 x 30 inches. However additional turf inserts is purchased to extend the length up to 12 feet in total.

  1. Go sports golf practice hitting mat

The golfers wanting basic practice from home without breaking the bank, the GoSports Golf Practice Mat is a great bargain option. The tightly woven polypropylene holds up well with minimal wear and tear. Its velour-type turf provides consistent response even on mis-hits.  While not as plush or forgiving as dual-layer mats, the GoSports mat cuts 50% of costs. An extra thick EVA foam underlay also protects floors, joints, and clubs from harsh impact. Two tee holders give you multiple placement options. Weighing just 12 pounds overall, it’s light enough to take with you anywhere. For casual golfers, beginners, or multi-sport households on a budget, the GoSports mat gets high marks.

  1. JEF world of golf premium putting mat

As any golfer knows, consistently sinking putts comes down to mastering touch, pace, and green reading. That’s why investing in a dedicated putting mat pays dividends by sharpening this vital skill from home. Our top pick is the JEF World of Golf Premium Putting Mat.   The compressed foam bottom provides a responsive true-roll surface for smooth putts. Variable break lines allow you to practice those pesky sliding putts and knee knockers. Multiple holes keep things interesting while developing consistency.

  1. Sklz quickstep golf net with mat

For golfers with ample outdoor space, combining a hitting strip and enclosure net creates the ultimate home driving range setup. Our top pick bundle is the SKLZ Quickster Golf Net paired with their durable hitting mat. An adjustable slope lets you recreate different lies, while rubber treads grip grass or hard surfaces. The heavy-duty polypropylene withstands frequent iron and driver strikes.

Shenny Gill