Since this debuted in 2015, the SkyTrak Launching Monitor has become one of the most well-liked launch monitor and simulator systems. Also see: SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer

SkyTrak SIG10 Golf Simulator Package

Shop Indoor Golf’s full-screen SkyTrak simulator kit strikes among the best balances of efficiency, aesthetics, and price that we have ever encountered. It’s perfect for individuals who intend to spend no more than four figures, who are seeking the greatest deal, and who possess enough room for a somewhat larger setup.


The Sky Trak Launch Monitor and a premium SIG10 simulator screen and enclosure (created by Retail Indoor Golf) are both included in the SIG10 kit, which again is handmade in the USA.

    • A striking mat of your pick (5′ x 5′, 4′ x 7′, 4′ x 10′, or full flooring)
    • A short-throw 1080p projector
    • A mount for a ceiling projector
  • Grass landing area
  • Side protective netting

Sky Trak Practice Golf Simulator Package

The Net Return Pro Series hitting net, which several people believe to be among the greatest hitting net on the marketplace. It is a system that is highly portable and able to be relocated all around the house as required.

This net’s versatility and portability make it ideal for moving your simulation configuration indoors or outdoors, throughout the house, or into any other location as needed.


  • Safeguarding container for the Sky Trak
  • A selection between a 5′ x 4′ or a 9′ x 4′ Swing Turf hitting mat
  • Grass landing area (optional)
  • Side protective netting
  • Attachments like a ball tray as well as a laptop stand

SkyTrak PerfectBay Golf Simulator Package

It was put together by Top Shelf Golf, a prominent online retailer of golf equipment, and combines the SkyTrak with the American-made PerfectBay enclosure.


The SkyTrak Launch Monitor and the following items are included in the standard package of the SkyTrak PerfectBay Simulator

  • An elementary driving range software scheme
  • An enclosure for a PerfectBay golf simulator
  • A side net
  • Striking mat made of Net Return Pro Turf

SkyTrak SIG8 Golf Simulator Package

The SIG8 package is essentially identical to the SIG10 package with two key exceptions: the enclosure is slightly less than 8 feet and also the 4′ x 10′ hitting mat alternative is no longer available as a result of the narrower enclosure. Compared to the SIG10, this works out to be about 7% less costly. The enclosure is a good size for most individuals to enjoy a great SkyTrak simulator experience.


  • 1080p HD projector
  • Grass landing area
  • 5-by-5-foot, 4-by-7-foot, or complete flooring hitting mat.
  • A mount for ceiling projectors
  • Side protective netting
  • Metal protective cover for SkyTrak

A hitting strip and putting green surrounding a comprehensive flooring option called the SIG8 Simulator Flooring. Although it’s rather pricey, this sophisticated arrangement was created especially for the SIG8 enclosure. It is advised to choose a space that is 9 feet high by 10 feet wide by 16 feet deep. Customers adore this compact setup, however, many believe upgrading from the included hitting mat alternatives is worthwhile.


Danny White