Bingo 90 Ball Guide

Bingo 90 Ball Guide

There are multiple different versions of bingo across the world with varying systems of play, both in layout and in the ways that we are able to win and get our hands on that tasty jackpot!

In the UK 90 ball bingo is one of the most popular variations, it has become one of the largest growing bingo games at barbados bingo! So, how do we get involved? It is easy, just buy a ticket. After that it is all down to the caller and our skills at daubing!

The Layout

It varies from the other most common bingo variation, 75 ball bingo, by the layout that we play with. 90 ball bingo uses a 3 by 9 grid of numbers.

The Layout is as follows.

  • 01-09 in Column 1
  • 10-19 in Column 2
  • 20-29 in Column 3
  • 30-39 in Column 4
  • 40-49 in Column 5
  • 50-59 in Column 6
  • 60-69 in Column 7
  • 70-79 in Column 8
  • 80-90 in Column 9

There will be numbers missing on each ticket. What this means is that to have access to all the numbers, we would have to purchase 6 tickets.

What Are The Rules Of 90 Ball Bingo?

As we are aware, the numbers that are available to us are between 1 and 90. The numbers will be randomly selected, either through a computer system or through a real life person – depending whether we are on an online bingo hall or a bricks and mortar hall.

After each number is called out we have to search through our bingo cards and hope we can find the number just announced! If we are lucky enough to find it, then those daubing skills get called up! Stamp it and get ready to repeat! If we are using an online bingo hall we are able to remove this step by turning on an auto-dab setting, this is a personal preference. Some people prefer it as it removes a level of stress, though this is a big part of what playing bingo is about.

What Ways Can We Win?

Unlike most other kinds of bingo and likely the reason that it is so popular, is that there is the possibility for multiple winners! Giving bingo players as a collective more chance to win.

The three winning combinations are as follows.

One Line Bingo

Get a full single row on any of our tickets.

Two Line Bingo

Get two full rows daubed on any ticket.

Full House

Then we have the big dog of wins; cover all the numbers on a ticket.

Any of these combinations are a bingo! Online you will be awarded it automatically, if we are in a bricks and mortar bingo hall then we get that amazing moment where we can shout out “Bingo!” and let everyone else know that you are winning!

Now We’ve Won, What Do We Earn?

The payout levels will vary dependant on the value of the bingo cards. The more the ticket, the more we can win. Just like any gambling, the more we greater risk, the greater the reward.

Paul Watson