Dragon Tiger: A Beginners Guide

Dragon Tiger: A Beginners Guide

Dragon Tiger is a card game that has many numbers of players, mainly in India and South Asia. The game is preferred by players of all ages because it is incredibly easy to learn the rules and you can play for very little money. It is very similar to Andar Bahar India. It is an easy shift for people playing Andar Bahar, which is the most played card game in India.

In this beginner’s guide, we will look at the gameplay of Dragon Tiger and I will leave you with some tips and tricks about the game.

Dragon Tiger Rules

As I have mentioned before, the rules of this game are easy. It is a purely luck-based card game that you can play for hours and have fun.

The rules go as follows:

1.There is a dealer. Your regular dealer that deals the card. There is you, the player, that makes the bet.

2.There are two sides, the Dragon side, and the Tiger side.

3. Players bet on either Dragon winning or the Tiger winning.

4. Dealer stops taking the bet and deals dragon and tiger a card each.

5. Whichever card is greater, wins.

Let us take an example. Hardik is playing Dragon Tiger. Dealer is open to bets. Hardik has put his money on Tiger. The dealer stops taking new bets. The dealer deals the card, it’s 4 for dragon and 8 for tiger. Tiger wins since 8 is greater than 4, Hardik wins.

See how easy was that?

Tie and Side Bets

There are other options aside from betting on Dragon or Tiger. You can also bet on the Tiger-Dragon draw. It has great payout odds. However, if you are a beginner, it is advised industry-wise that you refrain from betting on Ties. That is because the house has a huge edge on Tie bets and that means you are more likely to lose the bet than to win it.

There are other side bets. It depends upon the online casino on what kind of side bets they offer and what are their payouts.

There are many types of side bets that you will familiarize yourself with once you begin to play the game.

To know what the bet looks like, we will look at a side bet called Dragon Even or Dragon Odd.

This is a side bet in which you bet on Dragon Side getting an even card (2,4,6,8,10, Q). Mostly they payout 1:1.

Now you get the idea of how the side bets look like.

However, again for a beginner, it is in your best interest to stick with Dragon or Tiger. I am not questioning your ability; you will eventually figure everything out once you play a couple of hands. Just while starting, tread lightly.

Tips and Tricks

Dragon Tiger is a game of equal probabilities. Therefore, there is an equal chance of result going either Dragon’s way or the Tiger’s way.

The game itself is very straightforward and doesn’t have a lot of moving parts. So as far as strategy, tips and tricks are concerned, they are nearly non-existent. However, there is a certain way of playing that will at least cut your losses to the minimum.

So, if you come across somebody that promises a sure-shot way to win in Dragon Tiger, call them out as there is no such thing as a “sure shot” way to win in this game.

Have Fun

It is most important to have fun. It is a fast-paced game, you win sometimes, sometimes you lose. However, the most important thing is you forget about life for a while and have fun. You deserve it.

Good Luck!

Lerry Wardion