Some Tips ON New Swimming Learners

Some Tips ON New Swimming Learners

If you’ve never taken a child to swimming lessons before, you probably don’t know what to expect. Here are a few different ways to prepare for the most memorable swim lesson. And if you need to book swimming lessons in Singapore? Click here.

Arrive early

For the most memorable class, please show up 15 minutes before class starts time. Contact the workplace to sign the waiver and we can show one around the office. One’d rather not be rushing to the pool area right at the start of classes.

Take the child prepared to enter the water

Put the child in swimwear and remove shoes when entering the pool area. This prepares the child intellectually and really to get in the water and saves one the trouble of quickly changing them before lessons.

Gather the package

Be sure and pack a diaper and bath diaper (if needed), a towel, an extra bag for wet clothes, shoes, a clothing difference, and a nibble for the swimmer for after school. We have goggles and other pool equipment that swimmers can use during lessons. Assuming the child prefers their own sets of eyeglasses, try packing them too. You can also pack board shorts for men as they are very comfortable and dries up quickly.

Take the child to school

Let the child go with one to choose another towel or bathing suit that is great for swimming lessons. This will leave them energized for classes and more prepared for what’s to come.

Give them a bite before class

Make sure the child has something to eat before class. Some dry natural products or nuts will help maintain energy levels during class.

Discuss lessons at home

Tell the child that he will start swimming lessons soon and how the new instructor will help him learn to swim and become confident. One can read a book about swimming lessons or even practice a few things in the shower. Getting the child home and then coming prepared for their most memorable lesson can help lay the foundation for a solid disposition about swimming lessons. After the lesson, give the swimmer lots of positive information and support and let him know you’ll be back the following week for more nonsense!

Paul Petersen