Vital Aspects to Consider when Buying the Best Youth Baseball Glove 

Vital Aspects to Consider when Buying the Best Youth Baseball Glove 

Regardless of what you think, softball and baseball gloves have a few vital differences. Despite several similar aspects in both gloves of similar-looking games, you would find a few subtle differences between them. Find below a great guide to finding the best youth baseball glove

Measuring the glove 

Not all would be aware of how to measure the glove. It would be measured right from the top of the index finger of the glove all the way down along with the inside of the pocket to the heel of the glove. It would be in your best interest to use a flexible tape and enable it to fit in the pocket when you measure the best baseball glove

The first base mitts do not have any fingers. Therefore, you would be required to measure from the highest point on the mitt in the same way, as that of the glove of the fielder. 

Rest assured that the size of all gloves would be measured in inches. Usually, baseball gloves have a wide range starting from nine inches to 12.75 inches for adult outfield play. The mitt size for the catcher would be expressed in inches, but measured by circumference. Mostly, the catcher’s baseball mitt would be measured in circumference ranging from 30-inches to 34.5-inches. The 0.5-inch incremental would be the sizes available in this range. 

The quality of the glove 

Rest assured that the highest quality gloves would be manufactured from heavy leather requiring some time to break in. These gloves would provide a comfortable fit on your right hand. These gloves do not have any palm pads or adjustable wrist straps, which provide excellent features to have if you were purchasing a recreational or youth glove. 

You might also come across numerous synthetic baseball gloves producing a relatively lighter glove requiring little if any break-in. These would be considerably less expensive than the leather ones. You could choose synthetic baseball gloves for a youngster starting the game. However, the drawback of these gloves would be significantly less durable than leather and their inability to withstand the wear and tear endured by the leather glove. 

Youth gloves 

An important aspect to consider would be to avoid the temptation to buy a glove that has been significantly large for you. Do not develop the thought of your hand growing into a large baseball glove with time. It could have serious repercussions with the glove falling off repeatedly due to loosely fitting in the hand. It might also discourage the player from leaving the game for his or her inability to handle the glove properly. Therefore, consider buying the right fit to meet your specific baseball playing needs. 


Danny White