Your bankroll in sports betting: How much money to bet

Your bankroll in sports betting: How much money to bet

Being a novice bettor does not exempt you from knowing and managing your bankroll in sports betting well. In online gambling games, there is nothing more basic than knowing how and when you have to play. Although this concept sounds new to you, you may unconsciously already be applying it broadly. In this article, you will have all the keys to managing your budget correctly.

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Bankroll in bets. A variable concept

There are different methods to calculate what percentage of the bankroll we should apply to each specific daftar idn poker bet. However, from the outset, we must decide if we start from the fixed or variable bankroll. The big difference is that with the fixed bankroll we will not update the base, the bankroll with which we will calculate our bets. If we bet $ 100, we will always calculate the percentages based on $ 100. It does not matter if we lose $ 50 or win $ 50.

On the other hand, with the variable bankroll we will update the calculation base periodically. In its strictest version, we will update after each bet, while if we take it in a more hybrid or flexible way we will be able to bet daily, weekly or monthly. The great advantage of the second method is that we will adapt our game to the results.

How to define investment in online gambling games

There are different methods to define what budget we have for each bet, once we have defined what our stack is.

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Full Stake Method: In this method, we will apply a formula that involves our bankroll, our style of play, or the value assigned to the stake. The formula to calculate the betting bankroll in this way is as follows: Bet = (Bankroll * Full stake * Value assigned to stake) / 10.

The Kelly criterion: The formula is the following: [(My Prob. X Quota) -1)] / (Quota -1). We define what option we give for the bet to be given: If we believe in it at 60% and the odds are 1.80, the formula would look like this: [(0.60 x 1.80) – 1)] / (1.80 -1). The result is 0.1, which multiplied by 100 does not mean that we should bet 10% regardless of the games to bet money online.

Fixed profit method: With this system, we define a fixed profit and take into account the quota, with the following formula: Stake (percentage) = Target Profit (percentage) / (Quota-1). If we decide on a 1.5 fixed profit, and the odds are 1.80: 1.5 / 0.80 = we bet 1.875% of our bankroll on bets.

How to expand my bankroll in sports betting?

Some domino qq welcome bonuses that you can find in bookmakers will be very useful for your bankroll in sports betting to be higher.

In this way, by doubling your deposit, they will allow the base on which to calculate how much to bet is greater, making your margin to bet greater, you choose the system you choose. In turn, it will expand your route, with which it will be easier for you to test which is the system of calculating the plays that best suits you.