Choosing a Pickleball Paddle and Joining the Biggest Growing Sport Today

Choosing a Pickleball Paddle and Joining the Biggest Growing Sport Today

As pickleball has exploded in popularity across the United States due to the unique combination of tennis, table tennis, and badminton, you may be more interested in picking up the sport and getting in on the action.

How to Choose a Pickleball Paddle

The first thing anyone needs to know about joining the game is how to pick the right pickleball paddle There are four main types of pickleball paddles, classified by the type of material used to make the paddle. There are four main types of materials that pickleball paddles are made from wood, polymer, Nomex, and aluminum. Each has its advantages and disadvantages which will be discussed further in the next four sections.

Wood Pickleball Paddles

Wood paddles are the cheapest and heaviest paddles available on the market. These are great paddles for beginners who are just learning how to control their strength and learning the proper technique for playing pickleball. Because of their low cost, there is less concern about breaking or damaging these paddles. There is not as much control with these paddles, and they can cause splinters, so these paddles are best for a rec center, school, or anywhere else cost is the biggest concern.

Polymer Paddles

Made from a plastic blend, these paddles are softer than either wood or Nomex paddles. One of the biggest advantages of these paddles is that they do not make much noise. Because noise is a growing concern in some communities where pickleball has become popular, polymer paddles are a great option for anyone concerned about their game being interrupted by annoyed neighbors.

Nomex Paddles

Nomex is a new material that is designed to be durable and relatively lightweight. These paddles are distinguished by a honeycomb-like core that gives them the loud popping sound that pickleball games are known for. Besides the show of power and force, these paddles are great for speed and power, something that is particularly useful during competitive singles play.

Graphite Paddles

These paddles are the most expensive on the market and are the least durable. For more experienced players, these paddles have some distinct advantages against Polymer and Nomex paddles. Much like polymer paddles, these have the advantage of being less noisy than Nomex or honeycomb-shaped paddles. They also provide more spin and control than some of the cheaper or quiet options. These types of paddles are becoming more popular because of all the advantages they offer. However, they are quite expensive and can be somewhat delicate. Graphite paddles can be a hefty investment and need to be treated carefully.

Other Factors to Consider

Other factors that are important when choosing a paddle include weight and grip. This can vary from brand to brand and paddle to paddle so it is important to try out a new paddle before you buy it. Generally, wooden paddles tend to be the heaviest and have the largest grip, while Nomex paddles are the lightest, but this can vary.

All in all the important thing is to choose a paddle that works for you so you can get out there and enjoy the game.

Clare Louise