St Annes Bridge Club a brand new Bridge Club opened in the Northwest of England in 2022.

St Annes Bridge Club a brand new Bridge Club opened in the Northwest of England in 2022.

SABC is a friendly club based in St Annes, near Blackpool on the Fylde Coast, dedicated to playing, teaching, and competing in the card game of bridge. Comprising around 200 members and offering organised sessions most weekday afternoons and evenings as well as teaching for beginners and returners to the game alike. Beginning life 50 years ago as Clifton Bridge Club, St Annes Bridge Club realised a long held dream of owning their own premises when they moved into a new building on Allenby Road a short walk from St Annes square in 2022.

Bridge is often held to be the BEST card game ever devised. It is a trick taking game like whist, not a hand building game like Poker or Rummy, and typically appeals to people who like PUZZLES such as crosswords and sudoku as well as games like chess. Playing with a partner you take on other partnerships in a battle of strategy, memory, logic and bluff through a session lasting up to 3 hours with your scores going towards a final leader board. A true Mind Sport, bridge has been shown to improve cognitive function including memory in all age groups whilst being a fun, social and satisfying challenge. While the basic concepts are simple it is a game that needs to be LEARNED to develop proficiency.

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Bridge Basics (Bridge for Dummies, Declarers and Defenders)

The rudiments of bridge are simple, to the extent that four friends at home, in school, or prison, could take a pack of cards and enjoy a competitive game within minutes. However, the brains who devised the game as an extension of the still popular game of whist, added subtle innovations which together allow for years of discovery, fine tuning and continued satisfaction.

These elements include a competitive auction, where players fight to choose their preferred trump suit. A dummy hand, where one on the four hands is placed on the bridge table for everyone to see allowing more probability to come in to play. Conventional bidding where a precise language helps give your partner (and opponents) valuable information about your hand. Doubling, to raise the stakes all round. And a duplicate format where each partnership plays the same hands (deals) in a session and is ranked against all the others as to how well they performed on each deal.

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