The Best Way To Tape Your Fingers Before A Volleyball Game

The Best Way To Tape Your Fingers Before A Volleyball Game

Volleyball is a game of power, teamwork, and precision on the court. Because of volleyball’s powerful nature and setting, it is wise to tape two of your fingers to improve strength and support; this is a volleyball technique called buddy taping. Taping your fingers as a volleyball player is also necessary when you’ve had some finger injury or other sprains that affects your gaming ability. Taping your finger properly not only yields enough support, but it also provides better injury protection and gaming comfort while you play your favorite game. This guide aims to help you with directions on how to tape fingers for volleyball to achieve enough support and protect you from finger injuries.

How to Tape Fingers for Volleyball

The following guide will discuss step by step procedure on how you should conduct this important task. It is also wise to choose a good tapping material because this directly impacts support and comfort.

Hand and Tape

Lay your hand on a flat or a steady surface. It is wise to start tapping your non-dominant hand, which varies from one player to the other. If you are left-handed, then your non-dominant hand is your right hand, and the same applies to the right-handed people. Starting with your non-dominant hand gives you time to tap the dominant hand well.

Extra Support

Fold a piece of tape or gauze into a strip and fit it between the two fingers you wish to tap together. This is important because it increases comfort while reducing friction during and after the game. Hold your fingers and wind a piece of wrapping or athletic tape around the base of your hand. Overlap the tape more than twice for a full and secure hold. Ensure that the tape is tight and provide enough support to keep your tapped fingers together, but not that tight that might cut off blood circulation in and out of your hand.
Add another layer of the tape between the first and the last joints of your fingers to provide extra reinforcement. Cut the wrapping tape after wrapping it two or more times around each joint. Contact and flex your fingers to wear in the new support to have some mobility in your hand. Your hand should have simple and direct control of your finger’s mobility.

Dominant Hand

Repeat the same on your dominant hand, but ensure you have more rolls on the dominant hand. It is helpful to have someone or a teammate help you maneuver the warping tape and use cutting scissors when your hand is incapacitated. You can add a strip over your options if you’re using the same tape to protect your fingertips and fingernails. Cover your fingers in a vertical approach form the bottom of the nail to the top of your fingertip. You can also add some reinforcing pieces around your finger to ensure you achieve maximum support during the game. The aim is to provide your fingers with enough support to defend and block shots from your counterparts.

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